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Our Signature Smoked Specialties

Welcome to Rock Creek Woodsmoke Grill + Bar

As the heart of our community in Saskatoon, we pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere that blends the rustic charm of a cabin getaway with the rich flavors of Canadian cuisine. At Rock Creek Woodsmoke Grill + Bar, every dish is a celebration of taste, prepared with a unique smoky twist that sets us apart. Located in the vibrant Stonebridge area, we're more than just a Taphouse Saskatoon; we're a culinary adventure waiting to be discovered.

Our Signature Smoked Specialties

Our menu is a testament to the creativity and dedication of our chefs. With smoked prime rib that melts in your mouth to the tangy sweetness of our BBQ prime rib sandwich, we offer an array of dishes that cater to every palate. The smoked baby back ribs, a fan favorite, are a must-try for newcomers and regulars alike. Each dish is meticulously prepared, ensuring a burst of flavor with every bite.

Cocktail Adventure Menu

Our Cocktail Adventure menu is a journey through innovative and refreshing drink options. From classic mixes to inventive concoctions, our bartenders craft each beverage with precision and flair. This menu complements our dishes perfectly, providing a balanced dining experience that delights all the senses.

A Unique Dining Experience

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a meal out with family and friends, our welcoming staff and cozy ambiance make every visit memorable. We understand the importance of quality time and strive to provide an environment that enhances these moments. Join us throughout the week or on weekends when we extend our hours to accommodate your dining needs.

Celebrating Canadian Cuisine with a Smoky Twist

At Rock Creek Woodsmoke Grill + Bar, our passion for Canadian cuisine shines through our menu. We incorporate fresh, local ingredients to create dishes that reflect the diverse culinary landscape of Canada. Our smoky twist on traditional flavors introduces our guests to a new world of tastes, making every meal an adventure.

Visiting Rock Creek Woodsmoke Grill + Bar

Located in the heart of Saskatoon's Stonebridge area, our restaurant is easily accessible for both locals and visitors alike. We invite you to make a reservation by contacting us at 306-954-4220 or emailing comments@rockcreekyxe.ca. Our team looks forward to welcoming you and ensuring your experience with us is unforgettable.

Why Rock Creek Stands Out in Taphouse Saskatoon

  • Unique blend of Canadian cuisine with a smoky flavor profile

  • Wide selection of creative cocktails and beverages

  • Warm, cabin-like ambiance that invites relaxation and enjoyment

  • Convenient location in Saskatoon's bustling Stonebridge area

  • Commitment to exceptional service and a memorable dining experience

Our Commitment to Quality and Service

We're not just serving food and drinks; we're creating experiences. From the moment you step into our Taphouse Saskatoon, our goal is to make you feel right at home. Our attentive staff, cozy setting, and commitment to quality distinguish us in the vibrant Saskatoon dining scene. At Rock Creek Woodsmoke Grill + Bar, we're dedicated to exceeding your expectations and ensuring every visit is special.

Join Us for Your Next Culinary Adventure

Experience the best Taphouse Saskatoon has to offer at Rock Creek Woodsmoke Grill + Bar. Indulge in our smoked specialties, explore our Cocktail Adventure menu, and enjoy the warm atmosphere that makes our restaurant a standout destination. Whether it's a leisurely dinner, a special celebration, or a casual meal with loved ones, we're here to make your dining experience extraordinary. Join us and discover why we're the top choice for those seeking quality, flavor, and a touch of Canadian hospitality.

Visiting Rock Creek Woodsmoke Grill + Bar

What makes Rock Creek Woodsmoke Grill + Bar unique in the Taphouse Saskatoon scene?

At Rock Creek Woodsmoke Grill + Bar, what sets us apart is our dedication to crafting an experience that's both uniquely Canadian and distinctively smoky. Our approach to cuisine marries the rustic charm of cabin-style dining with the refinement of smoked culinary arts. This fusion creates a dining atmosphere that's both warming and gourmet. Our smoked specialties, like the melt-in-your-mouth smoked prime rib, offer a new twist on Canadian favorites, showcasing our commitment to innovation and quality. Combine this with our cocktail adventure menu, and you discover a place that's not just a Taphouse but a culinary journey.

Why focus on smoke-infused cuisine, and how does it enhance the dining experience?

Smoke-infused cuisine is at the heart of what we do because it offers a depth of flavor that's unparalleled. The process of smoking meats with hickory and cherry wood, as we do, imparts a subtle complexity and richness that simply can't be achieved through other cooking methods. It's not just about the taste; it's also about the experience. There's something inherently comforting and inviting about the aroma of smoked food. It speaks to traditional cooking methods while allowing us to introduce our guests to flavors they might not have encountered before. This signature style doesn't just enhance the dining experience; it transforms it into an adventure.

How do you balance the robust flavors of smoked dishes with your cocktail menu?

Our Cocktail Adventure menu is designed with the bold flavors of our smoked dishes in mind. Each cocktail, from classics to more inventive concoctions, is crafted to complement the smokiness and richness of our cuisine. For instance, a cocktail with a citrus base can cut through the richness of smoked meat, offering a refreshing balance. Our bartenders are experts at pairing beverages with dishes, ensuring that every sip and every bite harmonize on the palate. This thoughtful approach to our drink menu ensures a well-rounded dining experience that highlights and celebrates every flavor.

Why choose Rock Creek for special occasions?

Choosing Rock Creek for a special occasion means opting for an environment that's both cozy and exceptional. Our cabin-like ambiance creates a warmth and intimacy that's perfect for celebrations, while our unique menu promises a meal that's memorable. Our attentive staff is dedicated to making every visit special, from accommodating dietary preferences to ensuring your celebration goes smoothly. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just a night out that deserves a little extra, Rock Creek offers not just a meal, but an experience worth commemorating.

How does Rock Creek source its ingredients, and why is local sourcing important?

We prioritize sourcing our ingredients locally whenever possible. This practice is rooted in our commitment to freshness and quality, as well as our desire to support the Canadian agricultural community. Local sourcing means our dishes are made with the most flavorful and nutritious ingredients, reflecting the seasonal best of our region. It also reduces our carbon footprint, which is part of our broader commitment to sustainability. By choosing local, we help to bolster the local economy, create a sense of community, and provide our guests with a true taste of Canada.

How does Rock Creek ensure each visit is memorable?

Ensuring each visit is memorable starts with our philosophy that we're not just serving food; we're creating experiences. From the moment guests step into our Taphouse Saskatoon, they're met with a warm welcome and an atmosphere that's both inviting and exciting. Our staff are trained to provide not just service, but hospitality, ensuring every need is met with care and attention. Beyond this, our unique smoky twist on Canadian cuisine and our innovative cocktails offer a dining experience that can't be found elsewhere. It's about creating a place where moments are cherished and every visit feels special.


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