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Steakhouse Saskatoon

Steakhouse Saskatoon

You can't compare Rock Creek Tap and Grill to any other leading steakhouse in Saskatoon because there isn't any quite like us. Several aspects of our Saskatoon steakhouse set us apart from any other steakhouse in the area.

For starters, Rock Creek Tap and Grill have an impressive tap house selection of draught and canned beer ranging from favorite imports to local craft beers. Besides red or white wine by the glass or bottle, our steakhouse restaurant in Saskatoon also offers vegan selections on our menus.

Rock Creek Tap and Grill outranks any other steak restaurants in Saskatoon because of our dedication to using fresh and sustainably harvested ingredients. On our menu, you will find thick-cut steaks brimming with robust flavors after being cooked to order.

Diners come to Rock Creek Tap and Grill for the best steak in Saskatoon and the upscale ambiance. As a premium tap and steakhouse, we maintain a classy atmosphere that is still casual and inviting.

Why Rock Creek Tap and Grill is the Best Saskatoon Steakhouse

Rock Creek Tap and Grill outperform other local steakhouses with our large portions, welcoming vibes, and great prices. For example, all steak and prime rib entrees automatically come with a choice side of Asiago fries, brown rice, Pierogis, or Cajun mashed potatoes.

The ten-ounce smoked AAA Canadian prime rib is slowly roasted for five hours with a finish of horseradish sauce and red wine au jus. Seasonal vegetables top off the meal with the diner's choice side item.

While Rock Creek Tap and Grill offers some of the same premium cuts of beef as other steakhouses in Saskatoon, the quality of our cuts leaves our competitors in the dust. Our grill experts produce prime quality steaks that melt in your mouth using special RC seasoning and a secret mix of herbs and spices. Two of the most popular steak entrees include our ten-ounce New York strip steak and our Creole butter shrimp sirloin.

A Steakhouse With More Than Just Steaks

Our restaurant undoubtedly offers an elite line of premium steaks and cuts of beef. However, we also offer a menu full of out of the ordinary options that other steakhouses don't provide. Besides vegan dishes, customers will find comfort food items and pizza selections on our outstanding steakhouse menu.

Pasta bowls, soups, and exquisite dessert dishes list only a few of the uncommon foods at Rock Creek Tap and Grill. Happy Hour specials start two-thirty in the afternoon that offers exclusive savings on premium cocktails, select high balls, and delicious appetizers. With the holiday season right around the corner, we also provide rewarding gift card deals!

No Comparison Necessary Because the Winner is Clear

It isn't fair to compare Rock Creek Tap and Grill with any other steakhouse Saskatoon offers because the matchup is unbalanced. Our restaurant will reign supreme as the best steakhouse with premier drinks and foods. Please click here to review our menu of delightful dishes, sides, and specials at Rock Creek Tap and Grill. Let us rock your taste buds' world.

Steakhouse Saskatoon
Rock Creek Woodsmoke Grill + Bar
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Steakhouse Saskatoon
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