Italian Catering Hamilton

Italian Catering Hamilton

The biggest myth about Italian food is the grim certainty that it increases body weight. People assume that no matter of exercise will balance off the pasta, gelato, and pizza that you indulge in throughout the day. Italian cuisine involves pouring olive oil on most dishes and taking pasta almost every single day. 

It is, however, possible to include fruits and vegetables in the most common Italian dishes. It is also possible to alternate individual meals with soup, salads, chickpeas, or lentils. The idea that Italian food is unhealthy is a myth that requires detailed debunking.

Italian catering in Hamilton as brunch or lunch will prove to be one of the best ideas. Italian cuisine has the ultimate list of ingredients that create the best brunch and meals. Here is why Parlato’s catering will be your preferred partner in serving healthy Italian food 

Pizza for breakfast

Italian pizza has many different recipes. You can include organic items like Rosemary, potatoes, eggs, and mozzarella. The delicious crust can consist of the sufficient antibiotic powers of honey and refreshing taste of rosemary. Adding Italian pastry is a better way of serving cheese with an Orange’s taste appeal. Talk to your catering team for the best inclusion of ingredients.


Omelets are a standard inclusion in any brunch dish. Italy’s version of an Omelet includes toppings of vegetables and spicy herbs like garlic. A creative catering team will add spinach, tomato, zucchini, and cheese. These omelets are the upgraded version of an American sandwich. It is a flare that will pump your taste buds and health simultaneously. 


Italians have a passionate love of coffee. They have several generational coffee roasters in their country and recipes that date back several of familial brackets. You will enjoy the fruity sensation of unique coffee preparations in the morning.

You can add mimosas to take the brunch to the next level of a coffee brunch. Mimosas can also include vegetable additions that keep the family in tip-top health. 


Soup is a flavorful way of starting a meal. A good option will have enough packing of vegetables and broth. It will usually have little calories and plenty of savory flavors. Another famous Italian soup will include beans, which are a rich source of iron and proteins. 


You can fill up a bowl with an Italian designed salad serving. The wide assortment of vegetables will have beneficial compounds and fiber. Dress the salad with oils to replace the bad calories with good ones, and add an egg base to get a healthy dose of fats and minerals. 


This beverage is a classic addition to any Italian meal. One glass of wine contains 125 calories and plenty of antioxidants. Consuming wine in moderation is an excellent way of maintaining your heart’s health.


Italian recipes have a more than average dosage of fish. You can always get fresh fish with Italian catering in Hamilton. Fresh seafood cooked in Olive oil or roasted is a better option for the health-conscious consumer. Parlato’s Catering will prepare your fish in an educated manner that aligns with your dietary plans.

Italian Catering Hamilton
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