hibachi Tallahassee

hibachi Tallahassee

If you've never tried hibachi in Tallahassee, what in the world are you waiting for? You are cordially invited to visit Japanica Steakhouse where you can enjoy a range of authentic Japanese cuisine, including tasty hibachi-grilled dishes. Yes, you'll find sushi and sashimi, but that's not all. We also serve tempura, teriyaki, and other beautiful palate-pleasing Japanese dishes.

Hibachi Cooking: A Very Brief History

Also known as Teppanyaki, hibachi style cooking involves a traditional heating platform that may be round or square shaped. A typical restaurant hibachi is much larger than the small braziers of the same name that are sold at many American hardware stores. At a restaurant, customers often sit around the hibachi grill. Most sources agree that the first teppanyaki grill originated during the Heian Period which prevailed in Japan from the first to 12th centuries. Made of cypress wood and lined with fired clay, ancient teppanyaki chefs may have prepared many of the same foods that are enjoyed at restaurants that serve hibachi in Tallahassee today.

According to Culinary Lore magazine, the word hibachi derives from the Japanese words for fire and bowl. The first hibachi grills held charcoal and were small enough to carry throughout a home where it could be used to provide heat in the wintertime. Hibachi was also used to smoke tobacco or opium, but are not used that way in restaurants today.

Modern hibachi in Tallahassee typically utilizes a gas-fired hot surface up which a chef may perform an elaborate show for guests while grilling meats, fish, veggies and other delicious ingredients.

Japanica Steakhouse is pleased to present many flavorful hibachi dishes and combos for your consideration. Our hibachi chef will expertly prepare salmon, lobster tail, calamari, red snapper, scallops and other seafood while you watch. If you're more in the mood for meat, order steak or filet mignon hibachi in Tallahassee tonight.

Of course, hibachi in Tallahassee is not the only fabulous food you'll find at Japanica Steakhouse. As our name implies, we specialize in tender cuts of beef cooked just the way you like. Tempura, sushi, sashimi and other authentic Asian dishes are always on the menu at our friendly steakhouse at 3111 Mahan Drive.

Would seeing our menu help you to work up an appetite? Here are a few of the delicious dishes you can enjoy:

  • Filet mignon, shrimp, and chicken combo hibachi
  • Shrimp, scallop and lobster hibachi combo
  • Haru Maki spring roll appetizer
  • Steamed shrimp Shumai dumpling
  • Shrimp and vegetable tempura
  • Grilled yellowtail Hamachimaka
  • Tako Su marinated octopus
  • Peppered tuna steak
  • Beef Negimaki teriyaki plate
  • Deep-fried pork Tonkatsu
  • Udon one-pot dinner
  • Yakisoba stir-fry noodles
  • California roll sushi platter

By now, you're certainly ready to order. Japanica Steakhouse is open every day of the week, so you can come sample tasty hibachi in Tallahassee any time you like. If you need driving directions or restaurant hours, feel free to give us a call at (850) 656-9888.

hibachi Tallahassee
Japanica Steakhouse & Sushi Bar
hibachi Tallahassee
3111 Mahan Dr 15
Tallahassee FL 32308

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