Best Restaurants Columbia SC

Rated one of the best restaurants in Columbia, SC, Tiffany’s Sweets, Eats & Meeting Place has earned a place in the hearts of locals for serving up taste-tempting breakfasts & lunches with a flair for the extraordinary. If you love real American food and are tired of the same foods being served in so-called top-rated bars and pubs in Columbia, skip the bar scene and stop in to Tiffany’s for a memorable experience. We not only serve the best bar food in Columbia, SC, but we have our own in-house bakery where dessert is always something special.

5 Tips For Picking A Local Restaurant

1. Instead of looking for a popular brand name, search for a family owned and established restaurant that can provide a more personalized dining experience. Tiffany’s is different from other restaurants and bars in Columbia because we aren’t focused on offering our customers fast food or dishes that are recreated tens of thousands of times over each day. Every dish we serve is hand-crafted by scratch ingredients with one goal in mind- your total satisfaction.

2. Treat yourself and your group to a relaxed, sit-down meal in a restaurant that will treat you like family. Tiffany’s isn’t just a place to eat- we’re also a place where friends, family, and co-workers gather to meet and engage in small talk and enjoyable conversation. Order something from our breakfast or lunch menu, sip on a cold beverage while we prepare your meal, and spend time with the people you care about.

3. Sports bars in Columbia, SC are notorious for their loud atmosphere; at Tiffany’s, you’ll enjoy a calm and serene environment while you dine in our restaurant. Our wait staff is friendly and accommodating to your needs; you’ll be greeted by a warm smile every time you stop in to see us.

4. When you’re looking for the best lunch in Columbia, South Carolina, look for a menu that features familiar items instead of hard-to-pronounce dishes made from ingredients you’ve never tasted before. By choosing Tiffany’s for your next out-to-lunch experience, you can order world-famous grilled and pressed sandwiches, the freshest salads in town, hand-cut fries, homemade quiche, or a scratch-made burger with all the extras.

5. Do you love a happy ending to your meal? You’ll want to try one of our desserts at Tiffany’s the next time you take your family out to lunch. Indulge in a bakery-fresh pastry, a slice of specialty cake, or one of our chocolatey brownies- all made from real ingredients in Tiffany’s bakery.

It’s no wonder Tiffany’s is widely considered one of the best restaurants in Columbia, SC. Everything we do, from preparing each meal by hand to selecting the finest ingredients for the preparation of our dishes, is done to ensure we stay ahead of the rapidly increasing desire to serve fast food to diners. If you're in a rush, we invite you to call ahead or order online to place your order- we'll have your meal ready when you arrive. 

Best Restaurants Columbia SC
Tiffany's Sweets, Eats & Meeting Place
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Best Restaurants Columbia SC
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