Alcohol Bottle Dispenser

Alcohol Bottle Dispenser

Anyone who loves hosting parties and events appreciates solutions that make things easier for them and their guests. One unique technology for this is the wine dispensing technology that allows consumers to serve themselves instead of waiting for staff to come around. An alcohol bottle dispenser is a must in the dining industry because it reduces waste, improves the cost of labor, and allows all guests to enjoy the beverage with a slight delay.

Our wine‌ ‌dispenser‌ ‌and‌ ‌chiller‌ offer a couple of benefits for you to enjoy your drinks. The following are the top reasons you should start looking into our wine dispensing systems for your home or business.

Benefits of the alcohol bottle dispenser


Keeping the dispenser full at all times is a lot easier than having to fill up every glass when someone wants a refill. We know that most people find this to be an obvious solution to many issues, so you can have efficient customer service while saving employees from extra work. Forget about hiring a bartender if you have a sizeable number of guests because one of these dispensers will go a long way in offering instant access to an array of drinks for the entire length of the party.

Save money

Anyone who hosts a party or runs a business that serves alcoholic drinks knows the cost of keeping the business running. We want you to control your portion sizes and save yourself the time and money of using much different staff. In the end, you will also notice you spend much less time picking up empty bottles and sorting them out for recycling. A few significant businesses will tell you that using the dispenser saves them from the trouble of controlling environmental pollution because they have an easy time collecting and recycling the bottles after the event.

All our alcohol bottle dispensers are available at cost-effective prices and will not make a big difference in your restaurant’s cost of running. Businesses that have difficulty keeping their portions in check also have an easier time setting up a good calibration for each drink serving.

Increased revenue

The benefits of using a wine bottle dispenser do not stop at saving time and money from not using awaiting service. The improved convenience and ease will translate to more wine sales because people enjoy it a lot more. More so, they can try a whole range of drinks from different dispensers, instead of waiting in line for the staff to bring along all the drinks.

Better efficiency

The wine‌ ‌dispenser‌ ‌and‌ ‌preserver‌ are your best option if you want to keep the original taste and feel of the drink even after opening it. Our machines have a tight sealant with a nitrogen‌ ‌and‌ ‌argon‌ ‌preservation‌ ‌system‌ ‌to prevent the entry of oxygen, which spoils the wine; hence people get to enjoy a lot more glasses because the drink tastes the same as it did with the first glass.

Do you feel convinced to buy an alcohol bottle dispenser? Contact us at 800-671-3317‌ ‌for a free evaluation, and you will not regret the investment of the wine‌ ‌dispenser‌ with ‌four ‌bottles‌ or more.


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